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If you haven’t heard Scott Aukerman and Paul F. Tompkins’ conversation within the Best of CBB 2012 Part II podcast dissolve into a hilarious riff of the Star Wars Cantina Song, you haven’t LIVED, OKAY?!!?!??

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Comedy Bang Bang Nativity Pageant | 12.04.12Cake Boss (cake boss)  


Comedy Bang Bang Nativity Pageant | 12.04.12

Cake Boss (cake boss) 


Comedy Bang! Bang!: Out of Bleeps

The funniest person in the universe, Amy Poehler, reveals which foreign show that Parks and Recreation is based on this week on Comedy Bang Bang! Fan favorite Jason Mantzoukas uses his co-hosting duties to help countdown the Twelve Days of the Emmys, obsess about thirtysomething, and talk politics. Talk radio host Tom Leykis drops by as well to share the ins and outs of Leykis 101. We play a new game called Speed Round and show off our skills during the Freestyle Rap Battle. Plus, a irresistibly delicious game of Would You Rather?

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I can’t believe we killed Michael Cera during the highlight reel.

Paul’s face.

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Jon Hamm jams with Reggie Watts on Comedy Bang Bang (via vulture)

Taxi for life.

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