For fans of:

  • A strong, tempered performance by Taylor Schilling (Sarah Paulson with a splash of Eliza Coupe)
  • Jason Biggs doing solid work (and of course masturbating)
  • Natasha Lyonne’s best since Slums of Beverly Hills/ But I’m a Cheerleader 
  • Taryn Manning as the Ermahgerd Girl gone horribly awry
  • Star Trek: Voyager's Capt. Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) as Russian trophy wife implant popping prison kitchen queen
  • Racial demarcations such as “The Golden Girls”
  • The Wire's Nick Sobotka (Pablo Schreiber) as pervy, pill-pushing Pornstache
  • Donna Pinciotti as Eric Forman’s modern-day dream come true
  • Inspirational feral chicken
  • Louie's IKEA/blueberries bud Maria Dizzia as Schilling's BFF
  • A transgendered character depicted as an actual real live person
  • Improv stalwart Lauren Lapkus as a sweet natured officer
  • Paternal fear of “lesbian sex”
  • Godspell's Uzo Aduba as “Crazy Eyes”/ my spirit animal
  • Completely and totally positive depictions of the efficient and socially rehabilitative effects of privatized prison infrastructure
  • The ambidextrous qualities of a tampon

My skepticism towards a ‘Women In Prison dramedy’ created by Jenji Kohan (of the disappointing diminishing returns of suburban drug mom goes to Crazytown Weeds fame) was quelled by an engaging show that’s surprisingly affecting and thankfully knows not to be too cute (or exploitive) for it’s own good. 

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